Monsoon, Kids and Immunity

By : Dr. Trishala Chopra

Monsoon, Kids and Immunity

The heat has subsided; monsoon has kicked in to check your immunity! Kids are worst affected. Low immunity in kids makes them prone to infections and allergies. It is very important to take precautions. The only way to keep infections at bay is to improve your child’s immunity!

The moment you hear about immunity for your child, food comes up in your mind!

Here is the list of immunity boosting foods for your child:-

Foods to Boost your Child’s Immunity

Here are some ways to boost your child’s immunity during monsoons:-

(1) Garlic.

  • Garlic has an active ingredient allicin which helps in fighting bacterial infections.
  • Garlic is a good source of vitamin C, B6, selenium, and manganese which are immune system boosting nutrients!

How to use garlic for your baby’s immunity?

  • Take 1 garlic clove. Peel the covering. Crush it. Keep it for about 10 minutes. This helps the allicin in garlic to get activated. Add 1 tbsp. of apple/orange/pineapple fresh juice to crushed garlic mixture. Give this mixture to your baby at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Add 1 clove of garlic in ½ cup of water. Give this soup once every day. This is an excellent home remedy if your baby is suffering from cold.
  • Crush garlic and add 1 tbsp. Of honey (Only for kids above 1 year of age). This is an excellent home remedy if your baby is suffering from abdominal pain.

Usually, garlic allergy is rare but introduce it for your baby is a very minute amount and then gradually increase it. 1 white garlic clove is good to start!

(2) Add therapeutic water in your baby’s daily routine

  • 1 liter of water. Boil it with 1 bay leaf and 5 green Cardamoms ( Elaichi with covering)
  • Boil it till it becomes half a liter. Cool it down and add another half-liter.
  • Store this water at room temperature and give this to your baby as an immunity booster throughout the day.
  • You can refrigerate this water for 4 days and make it at room temperature before giving it to your baby.

(3) Add therapeutic oil to your baby’s food

  • Take 1 liter of sunflower oil, 2 crushed walnut halves, 2 cinnamon sticks, and orange cover.
  • Take a bottle; fill it with sunflower oil up to 2 inches below the bottle top.
  • Add crushed walnuts, cinnamon sticks, and orange cover.
  • Cover and leave aside for 2 weeks. Check for the flavor.
  • Add this therapeutic oil to prepare your baby’s food.
  • This is an excellent antioxidant and immunity booster!

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(4) Add these immunity boosting mixtures to your baby’s routine

  • Take 1 tsp of honey, ½ tsp of turmeric powder, 3 crushed mint leaves with little water. Give this mixture to your baby every day in the morning for boosting their immunity!
  • Take 2 liters of water. Add 5 green elaichi (cardamom), 2 cloves and boil the water. Drink this water throughout the day daily to improve the immunity.

(5) How to cure/prevent common cold for your baby during monsoons?

  • Take 1 tbsp. of ginger juice, 1 tbsp of garlic juice, a pinch of haldi (turmeric) powder and 1 green elaichi (cardamom) in 100 ml water. Boil this mixture for about 2 minutes Strain the mixture and add 1 tsp of mishri and drink warm.
  • To take this mixture for prevention of common cold, give it once a day.
  • To take this mixture for curing the common cold, give it 2-3 times a day or till the cold subsides.

(6) How to cure fever for your baby during monsoons?

  • Boil 25 tulsi (Holy basil) leaves with 1 clove in 1 liter of water. Boil this water till it reaches half a liter. Give this mixture every 2 hours to your baby till the fever subsides.

Your baby is the best thing that can happen to you, boosting their immunity is your priority!

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