6 Popular Bollywood Celebs who’ve had a Caesarean Delivery

By : Priyanka Verma

6 Popular Bollywood Celebs who’ve had a Caesarean Delivery

Be it a celebrity or any other woman, everyone wishes to have a normal delivery. The reason why celebrities try harder for a normal delivery is that it is much easier to get back in shape after a natural procedure. Also, they would never want a caesarean delivery to scar their pretty bodies for life. Some celebs also undergo cosmetic surgery to get rid of their scar.

However, god has a set plan for everyone and all women are not able to have a normal delivery. Various medical conditions make a caesarean section delivery inevitable and it is the best possible birthing option for the health of the mother and the baby. Of course, there are some who themselves opt for a caesarean section.

Here are 6 Popular Bollywood celebrities who’ve had a c-sec:

  • Kajol – She delivered a baby boy through a caesarean section. Although many people were of the opinion that the couple had planned the surgery but there is no evidence to support the statement.
  • Shilpa Shetty – This popular actress got back to her fit self after her c-sec before anyone knew it. She now flaunts her svelte figure very proudly. She had always been very conscious about her figure and has maintained it pretty well.
  • Lara Dutta – The former Miss Universe flaunted her baby bump in style and welcomed her baby girl through c-sec at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai in 2012. Her daughter Saira was placed in such a position that a normal delivery was not possible. She practiced postnatal yoga and got back to her original size in a very short span of time. Many new moms have got inspired by her and practiced yoga. Yoga is not just beneficial for weight loss, but it also tones the body and is very good for your overall wellbeing.

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  • Malaika Arora Khan – The hottest diva of Bollywood, Malaika Arora Khan delivered her baby through a c-section 15 years back. But, if you look at her, neither can you say that she’s had a c-sec nor can you make out that she’s a mom! She has that perfectly toned body which every woman wants to have!
  • Mandira Bedi – The vivacious TV actress and host, Mandira Bedi’s son came into the world via a caesarean delivery. Her son Vir is six years old now and she is back to her pre-pregnancy size.
  • Farah Khan – For this ace Bollywood choreographer, a c-sec was the best birthing option since she was carrying triplets, whom she had conceived using IVF. But she has been able to shed quite a lot of her pregnancy weight and she also acted in a movie with Boman Irani as a lead actress – Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal padi. Nobody can tell that she’s given birth to three kids!

Looking at the above celebrity moms, we get to know a very important truth. It is proved that it isn’t as tough to lose weight after a c-sec delivery as is generally believed. Also, recovery is also not that cumbersome. But if it is possible to have a normal delivery, one should always go for it.

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