5 Unique ways of giving Honey to your Kids

By : Ridhi Dogra

5 Unique ways of giving Honey to your Kids

Honey is one of the magnificent gifts of nature to mankind and since ancient times honey has been using as a natural medication.

Infact honey is the best medicine that can be given to children as strong medicines can have various side effects on them.

Since strong medicines cannot be given to children too often, honey is the proven home remedy  for children with no side effects.

The sweet taste of honey is relished by children and they love to eat honey whenever it is given to them.

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There are various benefits of giving honey to children:

  • Nutritional Benefits- Honey contains several Amino Acids that are very good for the physical development of children.
  • Offers Liver Protection- Honey has a protective effect on liver  especially in those cases where the doses of Paracetamol are very high and they tend to damage the liver, so in such cases honey can be given to children.
  • Helps in the faster recovery against wounds- When honey is applied on the wounds it shows faster healing of the wounds as compared to those that are cured with antibiotics. Honey in comparison to antibiotics is absolutely safe for children without any side effects and provides a greater relief to children from their wounds.
  • Controls cold and cough- Honey has always been used for curing colds and coughs in children traditionally. Coughs at night time can affect the sleep of the child. But when honey is given to the child, it soothes the throat and provides relief to the child. Apart from cough, honey is also used for swallowing difficulties.
  • A Healthy replacement for sugarExcess of everything is bad and this applies in the case of sugar as well. Too much dose of sugar in the diet of the children can lead to poor dental formations or it can impact their blood cholesterol levels so in such cases replacing sugar with honey is a very good option as honey makes an excellent source of natural energy.

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There might be children who creates a fuss while eating honey so in such situations parents should look for different alternatives that they can use to make their children eat honey.

There are different ways in which parents can include honey in their child’s diet:

  • Adding honey in milk-  Milk is very important for the child’s physical development. So instead of adding any chocolate powder it’s best to add honey in the milk and give it to them. Milk in honey will be relished by children.
  • Give honey with paratha- Instead of using butter or pickle try giving honey along with parathas as it helps in developing a new taste in children.
  • Honey with Lemon- The best way to give honey to children is in morning along a glass of warm water with few drops of lemon in it as it helps in clearing out the stomach and helps in proper digestion.
  • Using honey along with fruits  Fruits contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed by the children for their growth and development. So honey can be used as a syrup over a bowl of fruits so that for children it becomes a yummy fruit sundae.
  • Honey and Oatmeal Biscuits- If children don’t like anything that is cooked in honey at home try giving them biscuits that are rich in honey and oatmeal as they are readily available in the market. If oatmeal is not relished by children simple honey flavored biscuits along with other alternate flavors like orange, chocolate etc. can also be given.

Note: Just remember one thing it’s not safe to give honey to children who are below 1 years of age.

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