5 Foods you should Never give to your Child

By : Priyanka Kharbanda

5 Foods you should Never give to your Child

Want to keep your kids healthy?

It is no surprise that parents might need some help in understanding what is actually healthy for their kid (especially in their growing years) and more importantly, what it takes to make them STAY healthy.

It can be very hard to decide on what all to feed your little ones with, between the attractive ‘kids food’ stocked beautifully in the aisles and the desire to make them eat the best of the best food possible.

“Let us collaborate to take some important nutritional decisions for your kids” when it comes to defining the right diet for them- says, Public Health Nutrition Expert Priyanka Kharbanda. She is a firm believer of the fact that diet plays a huge role in the way our kids’ act, grow and perform in their lives.

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Certain foods that you should refrain from giving to your kids and their healthy substitutes:

  • The breakfast cereals like flavored corn flakes and choco flakes with vibrant colors and shapes, (and of course very high sugar added to them) are probably some of the most eye-catching foods in the supermarket. They can prove to be the biggest enemy of your kids’ health. These brightly (read artificially) colored bit of refined wheat flour (read maida) is not healthy, and no amount of vitamins or fiber added will make them so.
  • The sumptuous butter flavored- microwave popcorn which we think is healthy and convenient to buy, has a very harmful chemical added into it- PFOA. It is the chemical used in the lining of bags, which is linked to a dreadful array of diseases.
  • Adding processed cheese over the snacks you prepare for your kids is alarmingly harmful. It is completely devoid of nutrients and is loaded with sodium and harmful preservatives.

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  • The canned juice boxes readily available is nothing but artificial flavors with high sugar content. It contains negligible or very less amount of real juice pulp, thus it cannot provide the nutrients similar to what real fruits can do.
  • Even sodas are of no good, in the years where your kid needs more of calcium and minerals to build up their bones. Well, it does exactly the opposite of it!

Whether they are toddlers or in their teens, children develop a preference for the foods they enjoy the most. To encourage healthy eating habits, the challenge is to make nutritious choices more appealing as compared to their unhealthy counterparts.

Especially in the growing years, some foods are required to help kids focus, boost memory and improve concentration time as soon their academic life begins with its own set of challenges. “A good mix of dried fruits, nuts and seeds taken daily, will make their foundation stronger every day,” says Priyanka.

It is best to program your children’s food cravings in their early years so that they crave for healthier foods instead.

“The sooner we introduce nutritious choices into your kids’ diets, the more easily they will be able to develop a healthy relationship with food that can last them a lifetime”.

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