5 Fabrics to Strictly Avoid for Babies

By : Priyanka Verma

5 Fabrics to Strictly Avoid for Babies

Nothing is as delicate or sensitive as your little one’s skin and every mother wants to protect her baby. However, there is no denying the fact that there are various beautiful patterns and styles available to make your little munchkin look super cute and many parents get carried away with all of that.

Well, it is ok to dress your child fashionably but what’s more important is to make sure that your child feels comfortable in the fabric he/she is wearing. Various baby clothes are manufactured using synthetic fabrics which or such fabrics that have been treated using harsh chemicals. These chemicals or solvents tend to remain with the fabric even after washing and due to constant contact with the skin; your baby’s sensitive skin may develop rashes or some kind of allergy.

However much you like shopping for your baby, it is much better to avoid certain fabrics while dressing your baby.


Polyester & Nylon – Both these fabrics are manufactured using petrochemical based additives which emit VOCs, i.e. Volatile Organic Compounds, which can cause asthma, allergies and other lung infections in your child.

TeflonAny piece of garment with the label saying wrinkle-resistant, is probably Teflon-coated and it helps to keep the clothes wrinkle-free. Teflon-coated garments may not wrinkle but can catch fire if exposed to heat. Moreover, the toxic gases emitted by this fabric can lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and certain birth defects.

RayonMost people are under the misconception that since rayon is manufactured using wood pulp, it is a safe and natural fabric. To tell you the truth, this fabric is no less harmful as it also has to go through a chemical treatment which can cause various health hazards such as a headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and chest pain.

AcrylicVery similar to wool in appearance, acrylic clothes are widely used in manufacturing baby clothes and they are way cheaper than wool. They are manufactured using a combination of various toxic substances which can lead to cancer.

clothAcetate & TriacetateBoth these fabrics are manufactured using cellulose – wood fibers and are made to undergo extensive chemical treatments which give them the desired finish. Research has shown that they can cause various skin allergies, rashes and even shortness of breath in children.

In order to prevent your child from falling ill due to chemically-processed clothes, it is better to dress them up in organically made clothing. While natural fabrics are also made to undergo a certain amount of processing but they are still much better than the above-mentioned synthetic fabrics.

One such brand that manufactures organic clothes is BonOrganik. Founded by Niharika and Puneet Verma, this global apparel company not only manufactures organic clothes but also has a mission to bring people together by strengthening relationships. Their unique collections include various splendid categories such as Mother and Son, Siblings, Friends, and Family, which help people to make some beautiful memories.

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As people are forgetting about relationships and becoming extremely practical, BonOrganik provides an opportunity to express feelings and bring the world closer. The cool quotes written on their tees appeal to one and all. Their clothes are stitched to perfection and match international standards.

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Not only are their clothes made of soft organic fabric, one need not worry about any side effects while wearing these. Mothers can dress up their munchkins in BonOrganik clothes without any second thoughts.

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