12 Effective Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby ( video included )

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12 Effective Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby ( video included )

No matter how many efforts you make for your baby’s nutrition, nap time and play routine, it all gets down to nothing when your little one starts crying. After all, seeing your little bundle of joy troubled upsets you to the core. You begin wondering where you went wrong, but alas, all the checklists fail.

Thankfully, you’ll be a little pleased to know that you’re not alone in this struggle. Crying in babies is pretty common and can test your patience big time. But, the big question here is that why do babies cry and what should parents do? Scroll down to find essential points on crying and how to soothe your baby.

Why do babies cry?

Babies cry for numerous reasons such as sleepiness, hunger or pain. It is hence nothing but crying for the purpose of communicating something to the parents. The messages that a baby intends to convey through crying can vary from being common needs to a likely appearance of a health ailment. Here are the most common reasons why babies cry:

  • Hunger
  • Pain
  • Tiredness
  • Need for a diaper change
  • Fever
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold weather/water
  • Air bubble stuck in the wind pipe right after a feeding session
  • Need for being pampered
  • Other serious reasons like impaired language development due to autism, etc.

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How to cope with a crying baby?

A crying baby can get you worried, especially when you do not spot a reason for it. Here are some essential tips to deal with all that crying and drama that your little tot throws around:

  • Stay calm, be patient

If your baby cries; realize that it is definitely for a reason. Collect yourself and try to comprehend your child’s natural way of communication. Remember, that your little one’s uncontrollable crying doesn’t make you a bad parent. Therefore, inhale and exhale and just stay patient. One of the most common causes of baby’s crying is colic.

Here are the Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies for COLIC in BABIES – 

  • Provide him relief with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding not only gives the much-needed nutrition to your baby but also works as an effective way of developing a bond with him. The next time your baby cries, just hold him close in your lap and feed him. You will be surprised at how skin-to-skin contact can correct your baby’s mood. Avoid covering your baby’s face with a cloth or a cover as that might make him fuss all the more.

  • Get rid of the likely causes of crying

If your child cries on coming in contact with some stimuli, try to get rid of it. Say for example, if your baby always cringes when playing with a sibling who takes away his favorite toy, then buy him a different toy. If he cries on being held by a certain family member, then try to restrict his contact with that member. Try to identify and eliminate such stimuli that regularly cause your baby to cry.

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  • Try to communicate with your baby

You can teach your baby simple expressions or babble sounds that convey some specific emotions. For instance, when your baby cries due to hunger, you can show him the milk bottle. If your child stops crying and reaches out for the milk bottle, then he will gradually learn to connect hunger with the bottle. Your baby will learn this simple sign language a lot faster than words. You can also speak word cues, ask questions and use general sounds to help your baby communicate.

  • Rock your baby

Every experienced mom will tell you one trick to soothe your crying baby and that is- rocking your baby. This time-tested trick requires you to position your baby on your shoulder, hold him from the back and rock him back & forth. Apart from this, you can also sit on a rocking chair and position him on your lap to reduce his crying. A rocking cradle can also come to your rescue.

  • Distract his attention by playing some songs

Some babies stop crying the moment they hear a peppy or lively tune. So a great trick to quickly soothe your crying baby is to put on his favorite musical toy or play some song from your phone. However, this trick only diverts your baby’s attention for a little while and he might start crying again if there is some reason such as hunger or pain behind it.

  • Swaddle your baby

Babies are super cuddly and they love being swaddled from time to time. Wrap your little munchkin in a soft blanket and swaddle him to reduce his crying. This trick will work best when crying is triggered due to weather change. A stable and cozy weather will provide that much-needed comfort to your baby.

  • Diaper change

Most of the times, the reason of a crying baby is a soiled diaper. Always make it a point to change your little one’s diaper at regular intervals, even if it isn’t soiled. Diapers come with an external plastic lining that hampers air circulation that can cause uneasiness to the baby, making him cry. Also, make sure to dress your baby in weather-appropriate comfortable clothing. Opt for cotton and linens in summer months and thicker fabric in the cold months.

  • Pat the back

If your baby is crying right after feeding, it might be due to air bubbles trapped in his nostrils. Hold your baby against your chest and slowly pat around his shoulder region. This will release any trapped air bubble and get him/her to burp, thereby making him stop crying.

  • Go for a walk

Your baby could be crying probably because he is bored and requires some fresh air or a different surrounding. Place your baby in a stroller and go out for a walk. Opt for natural surroundings with a lot of greenery and fresh air.

  • Provide comfort with a massage

Babies love feeling their parents’ warmth through touch and contact. A gentle massage is a great way to cope with a moody baby. Position your baby on his back and softly massage his tummy in a circular motion. Next, place him on his tummy and back, shoulders, arms, and legs. This trick will surely relax your baby.

  • Hot water bath

If you can’t find the probable cause of your child’s crying and have tried everything else like feeding, diaper change, massage, etc., then it’s about time you give him a warm water bath. A thing as simple as this relaxes the muscles of both babies and adults. Make sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. Nevertheless, some babies do not like water, so learn your baby’s preferences beforehand.

  • Try a pacifier

Another easy way to soothe your cringing and crying baby is to use a pacifier. This works best when you use bottle-feeding for the baby. A pacifier will help to steady your child’s heart rate and relax him as he sucks it.

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Quick Takeaway

At times, none of the above-mentioned tips will seem to work on your little one. In such a condition, it is crucial that you keep your calm and do not hesitate to ask for help from your spouse, mom or any trustworthy relative. Nevertheless, make sure that your baby is always attended during his crying.

If you find something abnormal with your baby’s crying, then consult a pediatrician immediately. A professional practitioner will be able to find out the actual cause behind the crying.  


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